PiQuant Products

A Portable Water Quality Monitoring Device

- Fast measurement

- Detect bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals

- Simple to use even if not an expert

- Size : 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 8.5cm, 100g

Affordable Price

Portable Size

Simpe to Use

Quick Result

Water Quality Map

The Water Quality Map can be used to show real-time water pollution levels, analyze the causes of pollution, and predict water pollution progress using AI. This enables effective water quality improvement measures to be established and swiftly and flexibly dealt with in the event of urgent water quality problems.

Applicable Field

Smart City

Examining Water quality not only to ensure the safety of water but also to test water pipe condition, and analyzing the cause of water pollution

Beverage Factory

Checking the contamination level during the production of beverages

Health Care

Monitoring the health condition of the user in daily life by testing urine everyday.


Checking the safety of the water that consumers drink in real-time and telling them when to replace filters.

Water Purifier

Checking if the drink is safe for the occupants and analyzing the drink habits of the occupants.

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